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My name is Tayeba Hussein and I am graduate from the University of Central Florida. With a degree in digital/print journalism, I am actively seeking opportunities to put my journalistic capabilities into action and advance my career as a trustworthy reporter. I am a motivated young journalist with aspirations of becoming a reputable source for news,

I have attained reporting experience covering a vast range of subjects including investigative politics, health and science, homelessness and the housing industry, crime and public safety, general lifestyle and more. My words appear in the Orlando Sentinel, the Fort Myers News-Press, the Naples Daily News and NSM Today

Outside of my dedication to the Fourth Estate, I indulge in hobbies like creative writing, baking and embroidery. I am a first generation American and I can also speak Bangla. I'm a cat mom and I'm dedicated to maintaining an active lifestyle. I grew up in Southwest Florida and am a nature-lover who enjoys spending time outdoors. I'm very outgoing and when I'm not reporting, I'm talking to strangers and hopefully finding my next big story. 

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